Curcumin Gold Review – Is PuraTHRIVE Liposomal Extract Worth Buying?

What would life be like without joint pain? That’s a question that almost everyone I know asks themselves. It’s incredible how many people are suffering from joint pain and are having to adjust their lives because of it. I think we can all agree that pain relief usually comes in the form of a pill like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. That’s just how we’ve gotten used to tackling pain and inflammation in our body. But, PuraThrive says there is a better way to tackle the pain. They have a supplement that contains a unique blend of ingredients to stop joint pain by tackling the root cause of it – inflammation. But, is it actually worth buying? Keep reading this review of Purathrive Curcumin Gold to find out.

What Is Curcumin Gold?

Curcumin Gold is a liquid supplement meant to reduce or eliminate joint pain. It is made up of a few ingredients, including Curcumin, which comes from turmeric. This is an all-natural, non-GMO supplement that is meant to tackle the root cause of pain, which is inflammation. The supplement is created by PuraThrive, a well-known company that creates organic supplements and uses a unique delivery system to ensure that the ingredients are protected and have a higher absorption rate as they are able to safely pass through the digestive system and reach the bloodstream.

About PuraThrive

Unlike many supplements that don’t specify where they are made, we know that all of PuraThrive’s products are made in the USA in an FDA compliant facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice certified. The company, founded by three people who are enthusiastic about health, focuses on creating products from non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free ingredients. They are easily accessible through phone and are willing to answer any questions you have. In fact, you can also find them on Facebook where they will respond to messages and give you more information on their products.

Learn more about PuraTHRIVE and their supplement here.

Ingredients In Curcumin Gold

You will notice that there is citrus oil for flavor and beta carotene for natural color. There is also vitamin E, potassium bicarbonate, oleic acid, purified water, organic glycerin, and citric acid. Besides those ingredients, there are 3 ingredients that are meant to fight the inflammation and pain.

1. Curcumin Extract – Studies have shown that curcumin can have a positive effect on multiple processes and functions at the same time, which is why it is used to fight many things, including inflammation and pain. According to PuraThrive, curcumin has been shown to reduce pain by up to 60% and joint stiffness by up to 73%.

2. Algal DHA – It’s well known that curcumin needs to be eaten with fat in order to be properly absorbed into the bloodstream, so this ingredient is important. It’s a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that helps your body absorb the curcumin but is also known to have a positive effect on inflammation and pain on its own. So it provides a double-whammy for pain relief. As PuraThrive says, most people think that fish oil is the best form of omega-3 fatty acid, but that’s wrong. Fish oil can contain a large amount of toxic chemicals and mercury. Algal DHA, on the other hand, has extremely low levels of containments. Moreover, it is a pure source of Omega-3 DHA with low taste and odor, Non-GMO, free from allergens, and vegetarian-friendly.

3. Ginger Oil – Lastly, ginger oil is also known as an anti-inflammatory. According to, it is known to help reduce the inflammation in people with arthritis and has the potential to be more effective than conventional pain relievers.


PuraThrive also includes a liposomal proprietary blend of non-GMO sunflower oil and phosphatidylcholine in the formula. All other ingredients are wrapped in this blend that protects them and allows them to pass through the digestive system safely. This means that you do not lose the ingredients as they are digested; instead, they make it all the way through the digestive system and get absorbed to increase the inflammation-fighting results.

The Good Reviews

  • More bioavailable than other curcumin products thanks to a unique liposomal delivery process used by PuraThrive.
  • Made with all natural ingredients that are proven to fight inflammation and pain.
  • No dairy, wheat, soy, lactose, gluten, GMO, MSG, or yeast.
  • Supposed to be able to stop pain and inflammation just as effectively as NSAIDs.
  • All the main ingredients work to reduce inflammation in the body and complement each other.
  • Vegetarian-friendly thanks to the algae-based version of DHA.
  • All ingredients have other health benefits beyond reduced inflammation and pain.

Curcumin Gold Negative Reviews

  • Shipping costs are a huge con to this product.
  • Shipping is never cheap, and depending on how fast you want the supplement delivered to you and where you live, the cost may not be worth it to you.

Where To Buy

You can buy Curcumin Gold directly from the PuraThrive website (open in new window to view). They offer a secure and trusted ordering process.

There are three different packages to choose from:

  1. Starter Package – 1 bottle for $49
  2. Smart Package – 3 bottles for $41 per bottle
  3. Optimum Package – 6 bottles for $36 per bottle

The final price will include shipping. You can pay with PayPal or credit card.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee with Curcumin Gold when you buy from PuraThrive. That means you can try it out for yourself and if you are not happy you can get a full refund on your initial order.

Is The Liposomal Curcumin Extract Worth Buying?

We all know that the best pain medication doesn’t always work for joint pain relief. We hope that it will, but sometimes the pain just sticks around no matter what. And, sometimes the pain goes away for a few hours but comes back. That’s why it’s worth trying out something like Curcumin Gold. It is not supposed to just mask the pain for a few hours – it’s supposed to get to the root cause of the pain by tackling the inflammation that causes the joint pain.

Don’t think you have inflammation in your body? One of the biggest symptoms of inflammation is joint pain. Therefore, if you have joint pain, you have inflammation in the body, so it’s important to tackle that inflammation. PuraThrive says that Curcumin Gold puts the inflammatory response on hold by switching off a molecule that acts as the master switch for inflammation.

You could just start eating more turmeric, ginger, and omega-3 fatty acids to experience a reduction in inflammation, but the fact is that you don’t know how much of those ingredients are actually being absorbed. PuraThrive uses liposomal delivery to help you increase the amount of curcumin you absorb by up to 185X.

The bottom line is that it is worth buying if you are suffering from joint pain and you are looking for relief. If it works, you could be experiencing less pain and doing more within a short period of time. And, if it doesn’t, at least you can say you tried it and then get your money back.

Click here to visit the PuraTHRIVE website for pricing and availability.