Metabolic Renewal Review – Is Jade Teta’s Workout for Women Any Good?

According to Dr. Jade Teta, women can burn an average of 65% more fat than men. In addition, he claims that if you use the information found in Metabolic Renewal, you will have an even better results. That’s because he promises to teach you how to eat, exercise, move, and think in a way that is going to benefit your metabolism and your hormones, no matter what stage you are in life. Sounds good, but it is actually something worth buying?

This review of Metabolic Renewal will take a look at what it offers, how it works, the positives and negatives, and some other important details.

What Do You Get In Metabolic Renewal?

Workout Plan

Metabolic Renewal DVD

This is a 12-week workout plan that is supposed to help you work smarter, not harder. You will be working for 15 minutes with 45-second moves, which may surprise some people. But, too much exercise can affect your metabolism in a negative way, according to the program, and too little won’t get you any results. When you learn the sweet spot in Metabolic Renewal, you are supposed to get the most amount of results in the least amount of time.

There are 4 phases in this 12-week program.

  1. The first phase gets your hormone signaling systems working properly.
  2. The second phase pushes your body to burn more fat.
  3. The third phase increases fat burn even more.
  4. The fourth phase taps into the hormonal advantage that women are supposed to have.

Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

Metabolic RoadmapAs your body changes, this roadmap will help you adapt. You will learn how your hormones impact your metabolism and how to use a framework to boost your metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

Meal Plans

Renewal MealsThis is 12 weeks’ worth of recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists to ensure your metabolism stays strong through your diet. And, wherever you are with your hormones, you will be able to customize to meet your needs for optimal results (see some great results here).

Female Transformation Tracker

Transformation TrackerThis allows you to get to know your body better, monitor issues and responses, and tweak your lifestyle to get the results you are looking for in weight and in health.


Bonuses5-Minute Sculpting Sessions
Get video body-sculpting sessions to help you push your body-sculpting results to an even higher level.

5-Step Flat Belly Formula
Learn information about belly fat and how you can start to reduce it. If you are worried about whether your belly fat is a sign of potential health issues or if you want to know a specific exercise for attacking deep belly fat, then this information will be valuable to you.

Note: The entire program (including bonuses) is currently on sale for a limited time. Click here to view details about the sale.

How Does it Work?

Metabolic Renewal is built for women. Dr. Jade Teta says that unlike most programs that are built for men, this one helps women understand how to work with their metabolism as their bodies go through hormonal changes during their monthly menstrual cycle and during their fertility, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause years. In other words, the program can adapt as your hormones change and help you achieve the best version of yourself plus give you a metabolic fat burning advantage.

Inside, there is an assessment to help you understand where you are with your hormones. After you will get access to tools that help you exercise, eat, and live in a way that matches you perfectly.

Because Dr. Jade Teta works with people as a whole, the program is based around more than just diet or exercise. In fact, he says that there are two things more important than diet and exercise in his program: movement and mindset.

Movement is not something most women think about when it comes to health, but Dr. Jade Teta says that movement, also known as Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT), burns 200% more calories throughout the day than exercise. And, it doesn’t just burn off calories, it affects hormones like insulin and cortisol. According to him, movement includes walking, sitting, standing, fidgeting, breathing, and typing.

Mindset is something that I’m hearing about more and more when it comes to healthy living, and I’m sure you are too. As Dr. Jade Teta says, the female metabolism is very sensitive to stress, much more than a man’s metabolism. So, he’s put a big focus on reducing stress through relaxing, recovering, and resting in his Metabolic Renewal program.

Dr Jade TetaWho is Jade Teta?

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician, which means he takes into account the whole person and their lifestyle. His education includes a bachelor’s of science in biochemistry and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. His focus is often on hormones and how they affect weight loss and disease. He is the co-founder of the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina, as well as a company focused on fat loss, fitness, and health called Metabolic Effect.

Get more details about Jade and his program on the official website here.

The Positive Reviews

  • Designed for any woman at any age due to the fact it’s based on your own personal hormonal stage in life.
  • Focuses on more than just diet and exercise to help regulate metabolism and hormones.
  • Based on research that is specific to females.
  • Designed to encourage fat loss around the belly in women.
  • Modifications in the workout plan are available for those who need it.
  • Could help to control cravings and hunger.
  • Could benefit the heart, skin, and bones.
  • You can buy a digital and physical version of the program.
  • The price is way below other programs that cost three to ten times as much.

The Negative Reviews

  • You will need to commit to three days a week of 15-minute workouts.
  • Each phase of the workout plan will be harder than the last in order to increase the intensity and the results.
  • Your lifestyle will need to change in diet, exercise, mindset, and movement, which will require commitment and consistency throughout the 12 weeks.

Is Metabolic Renewal Really Worth Buying?

As women, we start to accept that hormonal issues are a part of life. We know that we will be miserable at least once a month, we blame many ups and downs on our hormones, and we accept that we are going to have weight issues and health problems because of our hormonal issues. But, as you can see, Dr. Jade Teta says that all of this is just a myth. We are just taught to approach our hormonal issues incorrectly.

He says that his program will optimize the female metabolism (as outlined in more detail here) and allow you to work with your hormones in a way that will benefit your weight loss, muscle, and entire body. And, as you change, the program will change with you.

Since we know that our bodies and hormones are constantly changing, it seems like we would need more than one way of doing things over time to work with our hormones and help our bodies out. After this review, I believe this may be the information that helps us make those changes and keep our metabolisms in good working order for the long haul.

If you aren’t convinced to try the program yet, I think you should check it out for yourself and read about all those finer details of what the program will do for you.

Where to Buy & Guarantee

You can buy this both as a digital and physical program directly from the official website. It’s important to note that you will be shown everything you are getting on the secure checkout page before you place your order.

There is a 90-day money back guarantee with this program. If you do the 12 weeks and don’t like what you see or what you experienced, then you can ask for a refund (less shipping and handling if you get the physical product).

Click here to visit the official website for more information.

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