Truth About Food Ingredients Review – Is It Any Good?

Your fat cells may be full of harmful toxins, and your weight loss and health goals may be affected negatively because of it. In fact, according to the Truth About Food Ingredients, scientists are claiming that these toxins are forcing your body to store fat despite how little you eat or how healthy you try to eat. This review will discuss why reading all the information in the Truth About Food Ingredients may be the best thing you do for your weight loss and health – ever.

What Is The Truth About Food Ingredients?

It is a system that exposes the truth about the ingredients in your food, such as the harmful toxins come from the food you eat. The problem is that the toxins are not only in food that you would suspect, like processed and fried food, but they are also found in foods that are supposed to be healthy and help you lose weight.

Truth About Food Ingredients

For instance, if you are on a diet, then aspartame is something you probably consume a lot of, and even though it has no calories, it could be causing your body to hold on to fat. As well, it could be damaging your health in a very real way.

Everything you need to know about your food, and why it is toxic, is included in this system. It exposes the truth about food ingredients such as food coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, preservatives, additives, and oil. This is information that is no longer okay to ignore. If you want to experience better health, and lose weight, then you need to know it and use it in your life.

In addition, you will learn why water is so good for you (not all water though). And you will get a cheat sheet to help you uncover food labels and understand exactly what is correct or not correct about them.

You also get a tool that helps you look up those hard-to-pronounce ingredients and find out what they really are and whether or not you want them in your food. The tool is called ‘Toxifact’ and does exactly what it sounds like – it gives you the facts on toxins (click here for info on that). You can use it anywhere you have the Internet because it is a web-based tool, which means that even while you are shopping you can get the truth about the ingredients in a food you are buying. Or, if you need to prove how unhealthy something is to someone, you can quickly look that up too.

You also get a bonus called ‘The Cravings Survival Guide’ and some others.


The chances are high that your favorite foods have toxic ingredients in them, and when you find that out, you may try to go without your favorite foods for a while but give into your cravings after not too long. That’s where this bonus comes in. It helps you survive the cravings that are almost guaranteed to come because big companies ensure they add ingredients that make you crave their food.

Click here to get the main PDF along with these bonuses!

How Does It Work?

The beauty of this system is that all you have to do is stop eating toxic foods to experience weight loss and better health. Once you cut out those toxins, your body can release that water that it is holding onto for toxin dilution, toxic fat can be released, and you can get off the diet hamster wheel once and for all.

Your metabolism will reset itself, your cravings for unhealthy foods will disappear, and your appetite will go from insane to normal. Your hormones will balance out, and that will have a positive effect on your overall health as well as your weight loss. In short, removing toxic foods from your diet will be the best health choice you have ever made.

About Anthony Alayon

Anthony AlayonAnthony Alayon has been working out since he was in the 8th grade. He is a certified fitness trainer and has researched how to engage in safe and effective weight loss. He is the creator of the Fat Extinction Program, which offers customized diet charts for both men and women and has helped many people get into shape. All his knowledge about what you need to know about toxic foods, and how to eliminate them from your diet, is in this program.

Positive Reviews

  • Learn what to avoid and what to eat instead
  • Help your body get rid of toxins that are causing it to hold onto weight
  • Stop struggling with weight loss
  • No calorie counting, portioning, or other rules involved with removing toxins from your diet
  • Gain more energy and more clarity
  • Get your metabolism back on track
  • Learn what toxins are in your favorite foods and what you can do to eat a healthier diet
  • Become educated on real nutrition and help others become educated too
  • Works to help everyone become healthier regardless of their age or health

Negative Reviews

  • Not a magic pill for weight loss
  • You will have to eliminate some of the foods you eat and replace them with healthier options

Where To Buy This System

Unfortunately this system is not for sale on Amazon or anywhere else. You can buy it directly from the official website (click here to see it in a new window). There you will get the guarantee and the bonus, plus any discounts that are currently on for the system.

There is an iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee with this system. It doesn’t matter what price you pay at the time of purchase (discount or no discount), you can get your full money back if you decide that this system hasn’t helped you achieve the results you want in health and weight.

Should You Buy It?

This Truth About Food Ingredients Review was focused on weight loss, but this information goes beyond dieting; although, it will definitely help your body release the fat that it has been holding onto by releasing the toxins that your fat has been holding onto. This was made for anyone at any age and any health level. It is information that everyone should know and apply to their life for weight loss as well as health gain.

An important note is that this program doesn’t require you to buy any supplements to have success with it. In fact, the author says that many of the toxic additives that he discusses in this system are currently in your supplements that are supposed to be healthy for you.

So, if you are on a path to weight loss and better health, and want to know exactly why toxins cause your body to hold on to fat and experience health problems, then this is a one-of-a-kind system that you need to check out.

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