How To Stick To Your Diet Now And Into The Future

It doesn’t matter what new diet you attempt, you are probably going to have a hard time sticking to it. Eventually, it becomes hard to have to eat a certain way, and going back to your old way of eating seems much less stressful. There are a few reasons for this, and knowing them will help you banish your diet problems forever. Let’s talk about how to stick to your diet in a non-painful way.

The Way You Eat Is Pleasurable

First and foremost, the way you eat is a habit. You eat foods that comfort you, give you energy, help you take away stress, or help you relax. Typically most of us have certain foods that we reach for during these times, and on a diet, they don’t tend to be acceptable foods.

It is extremely hard to break the habit of reaching for these foods. That’s why when we suddenly change the way we eat, it can be a huge struggle and stress to us. Moreover, adding many different strict elements, such as eating completely differently and exercising intensely, will make the struggle even harder. Reverting back to the old habit means we get to stop struggling and start feel good again. This is why so many people ‘give up’ and stop their diet altogether.

“It’s human nature to gravitate towards pleasure and to seek to avoid pain.” – IQ Matrix

Therefore, start small. Don’t try to go on a completely different diet than you are on and put yourself through pain only to give up. Instead, incorporate new, somewhat challenging, and healthy behaviors into your life, and when they become habitual add more. This will help you achieve short-term and long-term success with weight and maintenance goals.

Your Mindset Is Important

Humans were born with taste buds. To try and ignore them is futile. Those taste buds determine whether or not we like certain foods. And when our taste buds and our food don’t agree, we have a recipe for a failed diet.

If you look at your food and feel bad about eating it, then you will fail. That’s why you have to choose something that makes you excited.

For example, vegans are often passionate about food and excited about the way they eat, and this makes it easy for them to stick to their diet. They enjoy the taste, textures, and health benefits of their food. Someone who views vegetables, fruits, and nuts as an unsatisfactory diet will not be as excited about eating this way, even if they are doing it to lose weight, and eventually they will go back to their regular habits.

So, whether you choose to become a vegan, eat a low carb diet, or just eat smaller portions of healthier food, make sure it is a diet that makes you excited and incorporates some of your favorite foods once in a while.

How To Stick To Your Diet Once And For All

Stop doing fad diets. They may work for the short-term, but the chances of them becoming a habit are very small. The only way to lose weight and keep it off permanently, is to change the way you eat for good.

By developing new habits, slowly, you can start to change the way you eat. And, by choosing a diet that resonates with you as not only being healthy, but tasty as well, you will help yourself stay committed to the change.