3 Popular Metabolic Workouts From Beachbody

You have probably heard that metabolic workouts have a great influence on your ability to burn more calories and destroy fat. They involve little rest in between high intensity periods of exercise, and they help to increase your metabolism and calorie burn after the workout. But, which are the best metabolic workouts for fat loss on the market today?


This is one of the most talked about and difficult workouts out there. Even people who work out regularly find that Insanity is a great workout for them. People have been known to lose up to 60 pounds in a few months, and the results are consistent among people who are willing to push themselves and dig deep during the workout.

Shaun T. is the creator of insanity, and he made this 60-day workout to surpass other metabolic workouts for fat loss. He has created numerous workouts that have turned successful, and he has proven his ability to get people moving to a high intensity workout like insanity that can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour.

Insanity comes with a nutrition guide, a calendar, and 10 DVDs. There is also support tools online to help you reach your fitness goals with the workout.


This is a 90-day program that was designed to get you in the best shape of your life. It includes cardio, body-weight training, abs, martial arts, yoga, and plyometrics. Over 6 million people have used this workout to get into better shape and increase their overall health.

Tony Horton, the guy behind P90X, is a fitness guru who has been known to regularly interact with his fans and P90X users. He is extremely passionate about fitness, and his work gets results.

The P90X workouts are designed to supercharge your metabolism. You also get a fitness guide and nutrition plan, as well as a calendar to track progress, and support from P90X experts.


Want a workout done by a woman? This high intensity workout is done in a class setting and it makes you feel like you are a part of a huge metabolic workout class. The classes run from 10 to 55 minutes, and even the fittest people will feel the burn.

Many people call TurboFire addictive. This is good news when it comes to a high intensity metabolic workout that you want to stick to! There is a low impact modifier to help people who can’t keep up to the full move with lower impact moves, but they still feel the intensity of the program.

Charlene Johnson is the creator of this workout. She has built and sold multimillion dollar fitness and lifestyle companies, so to say she knows a thing or two about creating a successful fitness program is an understatement. In fact, TurboFire has sold over 10 million copies. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the holder of most fitness videos. And her success is a testament to her ability to set your metabolism on fire and get the results you are promised!