BioTrust Belly Trim XP Reviews – Is BioTrust CLA Good For Fat Loss?

Fat is hard to lose, right? This becomes especially true as we age. Even worse, stomach fat becomes almost impossible to burn off without a strict diet and exercise regime. But it is important to get rid of this extra stomach fat because many health problems can occur if we don’t. BioTrust has made a supplement that is supposed to help us burn fat faster – especially in the stomach area. This Belly Trim XP review will take a closer look at how their supplement works.

What Is Belly Trim XP?

Belly Trim XP BottleIt is a supplement that contains fat-fighting ingredients. These ingredients are found in everyday foods; however, it is almost impossible to eat the amount of food needed to get the total amount of the ingredients you get in this supplement. And if you could, the amount of calories you would take in would ruin your fat loss efforts. You simply take two capsules with breakfast and two with supper, and the ingredients do the rest.

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About BioTrust Nutrition

Belly Trim XP is made by BioTrust. This is a company that makes different supplements for all of your health goals. They are one of the few supplement companies that I have seen actively participating with their customers, and with people who just have questions, through social media.

In fact, I’ve asked questions on BioTrust’s Facebook page and received answers within the hour! Not just generic/quick answers, either. I’m talking about thorough and informative answers. That shows how committed they are to providing people with information to become healthier.

The company was founded by two men who wanted to create supplements that surpassed the competition. They wanted supplements that did what they said they were going to do, and contained what they were supposed to contain, and that is exactly what they offer you when you buy their supplements.

BioTrust uses a 7-step process to ensure that you get the best quality supplements possible. These steps include everything from using the best researchers, chemists, and nutritionists to formulate the supplement, to getting the supplement approved for purity and potency by 3rd party labs.

In short, there is a difference with BioTrust’s supplements and support, and that is why they continue to be one of the best supplement companies around.

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About Shawn Wells

Shawn WellsWhen it comes to hiring staff at BioTrust, you can be sure that they have some of the best people around. For instance, Shawn Wells is the vice president of research and development at BioTrust. He has a masters in nutritional biochemistry, and he is a certified sports nutritionist and clinical dietitian.

His job is to travel the world and find new ingredients that will help us become healthier. Moreover, he creates formulations to help people get the results they want with supplements.


You will find three different ingredients in Belly Trim XP that work together to produce maximum fat-burning results.

  1. BioPerine
  2. Punicic Acid
  3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)


First, there is BioPerine, which is a patented extract of black pepper. This product complements the other two ingredients by increasing the absorption of fat soluble nutrients by up to 60%.

Second, there is Punicic Acid, which comes from Pomegranate Seed Oil. This fat has been known to reduce cholesterol, reduce bad fat cells, and keep unwanted fat from making a permanent home on the body. Moreover, the amount of fatty acids in the blood stream is reduced and the body can burn up to 40% more fat. To say that this is an important ingredient for fat loss is an understatement.

Lastly, Belly Trim XP contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which works to preserve muscle tissue, reduce body fat, and balance blood sugar. This fatty acid can be found in meat and products that come from ruminant animals. However, to obtain the beneficial amount of CLA from food, you would have to consume huge amounts of calories that would, without a doubt, result in weight gain and not weight loss. The Belly Trim XP supplement contains the amount of CLA proven to be beneficial for fat loss.

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Pricing and Discounts

The price of Belly Trim XP is pretty standard. There are 3 different options to choose from, and the more you buy at once, the more you save.

  • 1 bottle cost $49
  • 3 bottles costs $44 per bottle
  • 6 bottles costs $39 per bottle

Pricing & Discounts

1 bottle is perfect for anyone who has less than 10 pounds to lose. However, if you have up to 30 pounds to lose, it is recommended to get the 3-month supply, and if you have over 30 pounds to lose, it is recommended to get the 6-month supply. Or, simply go month-by-month until you reach your fat loss goals.

Positive Reviews

  • The cost is very reasonable.
  • Obtain an amount of CLA that you can’t get from eating.
  • Fight fat with two fat-fighting ingredients that are made more bioavailable thanks to the third ingredient.
  • Made by a trusted company that has their reputation on the line.
  • Supplements at BioTrust go through a rigorous process before being released to the public.
  • Receive a free bonus eBook when you purchase any amount of Belly Trim XP.
  • Lose fat where you want to lose it most, and where you will receive great health benefits.

Negative Reviews

  • CLA is not a vegan-friendly fatty acid, and the capsules are made with gelatin.

Where To Buy

BioTrust sells Belly Trim XP directly from their site. I did look around to see if someone else was selling it, but I couldn’t find any sellers. Besides, you want to buy from the BioTrust website because they offer a free eBook and a 1 year guarantee.

BioTrust WebsiteThe truth is that you have nothing to lose (except for a few inches) by trying out this supplement. Why? Because there is an incredible 1-year money back guarantee with Belly Trim XP. In fact, all of BioTrust’s products come with this full money back guarantee. Why? Because they have confidence that it will work for you based on their research and results. You can’t give a guarantee like that unless you do.

So, go ahead and try it out for a month, 3 months, or 6 months. If you have fat to lose, especially stomach fat, then you need to buy this supplement. It will be much easier than trying to get the amount of CLA from food sources. And since CLA and Punicic Acid are proven to fight fat, you may experience results like never before for your fat loss efforts.

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