14 Day Keto Challenge Review – Is Joel Marion’s Diet Worth Buying?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to lose weight and trying one diet after another? Like many people, you may have even seen success with a particular type of diet but the success was short-lived, as was your willpower. The fact of the matter is, there are many different ways to lose weight.

In 1924 people began trying a French diet that helped them to burn belly fat, look younger and live longer. That is the key behind the 14 Day Keto Challenge and when you see exactly what is involved, you are going to be both shocked and angry that you weren’t told about it before. As you’ll see, anybody can stick to this diet but is it worth trying? Let’s look at a few facts.

What Is the 14 Day Keto Challenge?

When you purchase the 14 Day Keto Challenge, you are getting a complete blueprint that will guide you through every step of the process. It provides you with detailed food lists (including carbohydrates that you can eat on the keto diet) and information on food combinations, timing and how to maintain self-control. You also receive an exercise manual that shows you what to eat before you work out and how to work out so that you can maximize your fat burning potential.

If you are somebody that enjoys snacking, then you will appreciate the snacking manual that is included in the material. That manual, along with the cheat sheet will help to jumpstart your ability to stick to the program. There is even information on how to use intermittent fasting to boost your fat loss even more during the 14-daychallenge.

How Does This Keto Diet Work?

More than likely, you have heard about the low-carb diet, sometimes referred to as a keto diet and perhaps you have even tried it in the past. The science behind the diet is sound. In essence, you cut back on how many carbohydrates you are eating to the point where you force your body into a state known as ketosis. After using up all of your glycogen stores, your body begins burning fat for fuel and you experience fast weight loss. The problem is, there are too many factors that could drop you out of ketosis, from indulging in a few carbohydrates to eating too much protein at a meal.

The fact of the matter is, the low carbohydrate diet works but it is also a flawed system. That is where the 14 Day Keto Challenge comes in. It takes the low carbohydrate diet and turns it upside down, allowing you to enjoy all of the accelerated fat loss that a low carbohydrate program has to offer while at the same time, allowing you to enjoy some keto friendly carbohydrates. Truly, it is the best of both worlds.

Many of the lies that we were told about dieting come from the food industry and some even come from the doctors that we trust with our health. They tell us that all fat is bad but in reality, study after study has shown that there are good fats and this makes up what is known as the “French paradox.” Considering the fact that the French indulge in a lot of fats that are considered bad by most so-called experts, including bacon, butter, and cheese, you would think that they would be the heaviest people in the world. In fact, they are some of the skinniest people in the world.

The 14 Day Keto Challenge allows you to experience the truthfulness of the French paradox and to do so while you are dropping weight like crazy.

Positive and Negative Reviews

Here are a few of the positive aspects of the diet:

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • A reduction in health problems
  • An easy to follow step-by-step guide
  • Delicious food that is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle
  • Exercises that will burn fat quickly

Considering the effectiveness of this diet and how fully it is laid out in the program, it is difficult to come up with any negative points of the program. If there is one thing that I would say could be a roadblock, it is a lack of motivation. As long as you are motivated enough to stick with the diet for a few days, you will feel and see the differences and that is motivation enough. ALSO – I find it a little expensive and I would like the option to receive a physical copy in the mail – even if I had to pay extra.

Who Is Joel Marion?

Joel’s career in fitness and nutrition was jumpstarted when he won the┬áBody for Life body transformation challenge in 2001. Since that time, he has worked with hundreds of thousands of people to help them change their bodies.

He went on to become a certified professional trainer and nutritionist along with being a 5-time best-selling author. He is also a person who has struggled with his weight. In fact, just a few years after winning the body for life challenge, he began giving into unhealthy eating and got busy with his life (like we all do) and ended up putting on 50 pounds.

Joel realized he needed to change his life and he used his version of the Keto challenge to gain that life back again. That program is now available for your use.

Where Can You Buy It?

The 14 Day Keto Challenge is available online at Joel’s official website here (opens in new window) and you can download all of the material, including the bonus material and have it available immediately upon purchase. You will have plenty of time to try out the program because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. When you see how easy this diet is to maintain and you begin to experience those changes for yourself, you will be sure to treasure this program as the true changing point in your life.

Does This Diet Really Work?

I know that you are probably skeptical about this diet. After all, how could something that is full of delicious foods and easy to maintain be so effective? The fact of the matter is, it has been proven over and over again to work and if you have ever talked to somebody who is on the low carbohydrate diet, you realize that they lose weight very quickly.

This diet takes all of the benefits of the low-carb diet and adds keto friendly carbohydrates that allow you to enjoy life while you are losing weight. If you’re looking for a diet that can change your life and help you to drop fat, this diet is worth giving a shot.

Click here to visit Joel’s official website for purchase or availability info.